Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cabin fever

I have been feeling disconnected from everything lately. My friends - in person and online, my online communities and message boards, the S.O., my family, feminism, progressivism, my body, the physical world around me, and my dog. Everything.

I am tired. I am tired of not seeing the sun for 5 days a week in CubicleLand. I'm tired of arguing, and I'm tired of not being heard. I have had it up to here with sexism, racism, materialism, and all the rest in 'progressives,' mostly in an online context. But, living as I do, in ann arbor, there is enough bigotry and ingrained oppressive tendencies to go around in person as well.

So, if I haven't been responding very often, or in a very tolerable way, well, I apologize. I'm in a funk. And I don't see a way out right now.

Sometimes, when I'm feeling very low, I wish I could remove the lens that I see the world through, and just continue on in blissful ignorance of the oppression and discrimination that shape practically everything in it, except for maybe the Mariana trench. Is that place free of oppression? I hope so.


  1. I know what you mean. I *love* Ypsi mainly because it's not ann arbor. You can actually see some people of color here. women of color. and POOR PEOPLE! You can be poor here and not feel like you have to apologize!

    Sigh. and the weather is sucky. today it's nice--but i am TIRED of the cold and want warm warm days. I want to work on my garden and just not have to worry any more about it being too damn cold to leave the house....

    much love and thinking about you--xo


  2. I miss Ypsi. I miss living in a real neighborhood, not a transitory college and young professional apartment complex surrounded by chain delivery restaurants. I've been hankering for a garden too, and a bulb catalog came in to work yesterday. I may have to thumb through it and order some stuff.