Friday, March 13, 2009

I declare a moratorium on the following:

  • Accusations of jealousy are verboten. Srsly. No exceptions. They just turn us into a stereotypical cat fight between bitches. And it's unfunny. Doesn't it remind anyone of teh menz accusing women of being jealous of their success? Anyone?

  • Using the phrase "good hair" or "nice hair." Uh, unless you want to unpack for me what you mean by "good hair," you can take your white supremacist ideas about hair and fuck off.

  • Getting defensive. When someone starts getting defensive with me, on one hand, I think it's a good thing because it lets me know that I've found a blind spot. And on the other hand, it lets me know that the person's got issues and fuck, there goes another potential ally I have to write off til they're done with the 101-y stuff about race/weight/age/sex (as in, you know, fucking)/gender/able-ism/genetics/LGBTQI/evolution/religion.

    Some variations on a theme include calling the other person crazy, oversensitive, lacking a life, jealous (see above), emotional, stupid, over-invested, and so on.

I'd also like to be able to declare a moratorium on the following, in a perfect world (in no particular order):
  • legacy admissions to colleges

  • foreclosures

  • student loan repayments

  • secret courts and jails

  • regular courts and jails

  • military spending

  • the DEA

  • border "patrols"/roving gangs sanctioned by the state

  • my dog's tail whacking me in my face

  • any company operating under ownership of rupert murdoch

  • the occupation and "settling" of the palestinian territories

  • rush limbaugh's ability to communicate with the public

  • hate speech

  • lobbying efforts by any organization with an operating budget over $1 mill